Striking and sexy Russian lovers

Today, Russian women are considered ones of the most beautiful on Earth. Since they combine a universal beauty and high class, i.e. intellect, education, manners, they are the champions.
First Russian models conquered the world’s attention back in 1980s when the USSR was about to fall apart. Beauties from this country keep on winning the highest awards and contests.
It is noticed that Russian type of appearance is liked by everyone: westerners and Asians, whites and blacks. It is universal, classical, close to perfection, and highly desirable.
Let’s be clear, too many western women are having plastic surgeries and dye their hair just to look like amazing Russian blondes. Fake lips, fake face contours, even fake breasts sometimes.
But even with all of that, men frequently don’t know to whom they are talking to in the west, women with the opposite appearance, or even hidden shemales? While in Russia, women are real.

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These beauties are all-natural, and waiting for one’s attention with the most feminine impatience. Isn’t that a guarantee of great sex and the promising relationship?
Exactly now, Russian women’s mentality has reached a perfect balance between ancient Slavic traditions, post-Soviet views, and western thinking so they’re open-minded enough.
Not obsessed with the concept of marriage anymore, not in hurry to sell themselves abroad like it was after the USSR, they respect themselves and want some healthy mutual pleasure.
Reportedly, Moscow, Sochi and other big cities of Russia are becoming popular travel points for sex tourism, as well as long-term romantic dating. The potential is really huge!

How to pickup a Russian girl

Many men wonder how to avoid fraudulent personalities, and how to seduce girls easily. But these questions are interconnected. You would be surprised by this discovery.
No matter how modernized Russian females are, they keep old traditions somewhere deep inside. That is the key to understanding their psychology, and ways to pickup them.
It’s not typical for Russian women at all to be naughty with strangers and react super positively on frank offers. If she does, she is either an escort professional or a scammer.
Since both options involve big money spending, we recommend to avoid such women at all costs. It’s much more natural when they resist and reject you at first, or hesitate to accept.
One should remember, if he isn’t lazy or limited in time, that girls who seem to be tough, can easily appear to be the most passionate lovers. Just some efforts and hours are needed.
For example, someone who starts without a proper greeting, online or offline, doesn’t have much chance. Russian culture is complicated with all formulas of politeness and a lot of nuances.
Some of uneducated girls from villages can surely welcome someone who says hi, what’s up, or asks straightforward questions. They may giggle and gladly answer to him.
But if one is after classy ladies, he should really reconsider his manners. A longer greeting won’t hurt, as well as expressing a sincere interest exactly in this woman’s personality and life.
Other girls also complain western men start the conversation like if it were impersonal business negotiations. "I seek an honest woman who would work hard and obey, are you her?”
It’s not really understood what kind of reaction they expect, and how a girl can be physically excited by such a question. Dating experts hope the majority of men realize that.
The sweeter and more gallant you are, the softer a girl will be, and the more difference you will make comparing to her local men. It’s incredibly easy to seduce by politeness.
Another important factor is the willing to look attractive which some men skip. It happens for different reasons, and can be non-evident for a man himself, but should be corrected.
Sometimes men tourists want to keep their budget low while travelling, so they don’t wear good clothes or accessories. In other cases, they think it’s enough to be a foreigner and they’ll be welcomed.
Yes, some Russian girls are in a desperate situation and they hope to escape by all means, or they hope for a gift, so it motivates them to get intimate easily. But chemistry should come first.
If one behaves like a prince charming even if he isn’t one, chances are huge that he will be popular among Russian women of all ages. It isn’t hard to attract their attention.
However, not all girls are that delicate and naive, many are able to appreciate a sexual male power and high drive. If they seem very energetic and flirtatious, that is the type you need.

How not to spoil your first night with a Russian lady

When things are finally done, and your beautiful companion is seduced, make sure you won’t spoil the moment. Russian women can seem non-demanding, but they like to be satisfied.
Unless both of you are very much in love or let’s say in lust, the foreplay is needed. But when the two of you are horny after the party or long kisses on a date, the foreplay can be skipped.
Russian girls really value when the process lasts long enough, or at least longer than ten minutes. That is what statistics say. If it lasts less, they start to get insecurities or bad thoughts.
So if you have your own secrets on how to prolong the orgasms, use them during your Russian dating and hookups. You will be greatly rewarded for your super skills!
These women always care about their partner in a bed, try to do what he likes, and show him their appreciation in every way. That’s why they are often called the best lovers in Europe.