Into the Minds of Single Russian Women

Russian women drastically differ from Western women. Their minds are different. Rather than exploring the dating scene and "seeing where a relationship goes”, finding a long-term commitment, if not getting married, is the focus. Because of this, you have to get acquainted with the general thought process of single Russian women to not only appeal to them but find the relationship you’re looking for. Here’s some advice to do just that. 

Decency is the Key

Russian women know all too well that men from around the world are infatuated with them. Please know that if you are infatuated rather than looking for love, the woman you have your eye on will run away FAST. What Russian girls are looking for are decent partners who truly care for them. They need that emotional connection with a kind man to find true happiness. More specifically, single Russian women are looking for men that come from good families with somewhat traditional values that coincide with theirs. Along with wanting a relationship, Russian women want a healthy one with depth so focus on showing her that you are a decent guy. 

Learn About Her Culture

Once you start talking to a Russian woman on a regular basis you can bet that she’ll tell you as much as she can about her culture but until then, share what you know. Men who take time to learn about Russian culture impress the women far more than those who do not. It provides the reassurance that you understand them. Russian traditions drastically differ from Western ones so to successfully date a woman from Russia, it’s best to know where she’s coming from. For example, Russian women commit to one man and do not indulge in casual or indecent relationships. Additionally, they will not be intimate with a man unless a commitment or marriage takes place. Reading up on history along with cultural and societal norms will help you better understand the importance of these values and traditions. Russian women are exceptional and it’s about time that men understand why instead of viewing them as a foreign novelty.

Interaction Style

Whether you are talking to an available Russian woman online via video chat or in person, remember that she will be watching your interaction style very closely. Although completely acceptable in other cultures, laughing too much in a conversation (even if it is a series of nervous laughs) along with rambling on and cracking indecent jokes to display your sense of humor are considered offensive. This is not to say that the women do not enjoy lively conversation and laughs. They do but it is just how you go about it. When starting out, be a gentleman and then slowly reveal the more casual and relaxed side of yourself. To put it simply, win her over with your manners and charm before peeling back your many complex layers. 

Consistently Move Forward

Lastly and most importantly, ensure that you consistently move the relationship forward – assuming that you connect with a woman you see a future with. Russian women are not looking for something slow paced. They would rather a man fall in love with a woman and make it official as soon as possible. After talking for a while, tell her that you would like to see her exclusively. Following that step, explore the romantic connection further, take a trip to see her (most foreign relationships begin online), meet her family and go from there. Single ladies in Russia are looking for men who aren’t afraid to go after a commitment.
Best of luck gentleman. Love is closer than you think.