Ukrainian vs. Russian Ladies: Similarly Different

Ukrainian vs. Russian ladies is a topic that must be discussed. Both women have those Eastern European values and share a few other commonalities but they aren’t the same. The thing is, those looking to eastern Europe for a mate often have trouble deciding between the two. Let’s go over their similarities and differences to help you decide. 

Traditions and Values

As said, Russian and Ukrainian women have values and traditions in common. Dating traditions like taking a woman to and from dates as well as chivalry and the little things like graciously accepting all food and drink when you meet her family are all important. Family traditions are similar as well. They believe in a close-knit family dynamic, value marriage, and enter long term commitments rather than casual relationships. 


Ukrainian vs. Russian ladies differ significantly in terms of attitude. Although warm, kind and loving on the inside, Russian women come across as cold and intimidating at first. It takes a little effort to get them to warm up and crack a smile but once they do, you’ll see how amazing they are. As for Ukrainian women, they tend to be sensual and warm. There is something about them that is very bright and approachable. You know, something that captures your attention right off the bat.


Another similarity that is great from those drawn to intelligence is women from both countries have a high level of education. Most have or are currently attending university with the hopes of starting a successful career and building a better life. This means that in addition to getting a domestic goddess who makes an outstanding partner, you will get a woman who you can relate to on an intellectual level. A healthy romance is one in which you can share thoughts and ideas.

Relationship Dynamics

Ukrainian vs. Russian ladies differ when it comes to relationship dynamics. Ukrainian women can be quite demanding and insist on more gender equality while Russian women are happy to let their husband or partner lead. The reason for this is a strong independent nature. This is not to say Ukrainian women do not want a leader. In fact, they are most attracted to strong men. Ladies from Ukraine just want their turn too. 

Ultimate Relationship Goals 

When it comes to ultimate relationship goals, Ukrainian women and Russian women have a one-track mind to marriage. In both cultures, they are taught at a young age that a woman’s life is incomplete without marrying and having children. This strong desire to have a family as well as their strong family values make them exceptional women. They are domestic, loving and attentive yet strong, intelligent and beautiful. In other words, the complete package. 
As you can see, both women are winners so keep the above in mind and make a choice. Both make amazing partners. The major difference between the two are attitude and their preferred relationship dynamic. If you want a woman who will challenge you, Ukraine is the way. As for those who prefer a more soft-spoken wife who likes to let you lead, go Russian.