Filipina Brides vs. Russian Women: Oddly Similar

If foreign brides are what you’re into, we must discuss Filipina brides vs. Russian women. Both are by far the most beautiful in the world and are sought after for a reason. Along with being loving, caring and intelligent, they take marriage and family seriously and know how to treat a man well. If you need help determining which is the right fit for you, check out the information below. 

A Traditional Core

For starters, both have a traditional core that will play a large role in the relationship from the very start. A woman worth marrying from either country will not be intimate with you prior to establishing a commitment. Kissing and hugs are fine but anything further will be rejected immediately. When you think about it, this is great because although you have to wait, you get to be in a relationship with a woman with morals. One who will not have relations with any man who gives her attention. For Western men, that is a special find. Just keep in mind that Philippine culture tends to be stricter.


Religion is where Filipina brides vs. Russian women differ the most. Although a large portion of Russian women consider themselves religious, fewer are practicing. Despite that, their beliefs play a significant role in how they live and the values they have. Filipinas, however, are very religious. Most come from strict and conservative Roman Catholic families who are active in church. That being said, you will not be rejected if you have a different religion or do not identify with one. The secret here is acceptance and respect for other beliefs.


The most obvious difference between Filipinas and Russian women is appearance. Yes, both are thin and beautiful but Russian women have fair skin, light features, and often blonde hair while women from the Philippines have beautiful dark hair, tan skin and dark features. This can be a deciding factor for those with a strong physical preference.

Their Relationship Role

As for how they are in relationships, both Filipinas and Russian women are top-notch. Domestic duties are covered, both take great pride in doing so and they each thrive at providing the emotional support and unconditional love every man wants. Additionally, both put effort into ensuring they look good for their partners which is a definite plus. Better yet, women from both countries are so appreciative which is a pleasant change for most men. Oftentimes, life in their countries is less than satisfactory so when they’re given a stable life and find a husband who treats them right, they cherish it as well as the phases leading up to an actual relationship. It isn’t uncommon for a Russian or Filipina to send a thank you text after a date or show her thanks by showering you with affection. 


Lastly, let’s talk attitude. Filipinas tend to be kind and friendly with a very timid nature. This is just reservation caused by their often strict, religious upbringing. Russian women are the opposite. Although cold and intimidating at first, they are balls of energy who are direct and a tad bossy once a level of comfort is established. But no worries, it is just her passion coming to the surface.
So, which best suits you? With these two options, you really can’t lose.