Connecting with Russian Girls on Facebook

When you’re interested in dating foreign women, it is important to use every resource available to connect with the women you want. Dating and finding that ideal relationship with the ideal partner requires some effort on your part. Facebook is one of the top social networking sites with millions of users. People are mingling with those they may not have met otherwise and that sets the stage for romance to thrive. At this point, you’re probably thinking about using Facebook to meet Russian women so now the question is how. No worries, it’s a very easy process. Check it out.


Before jumping right in and talking to Russian women on Facebook, obviously, you must find Russian women to talk to. You can filter search results demographically by entering the right keywords. Try searching for, "Russian women”, "Single Russian Ladies” or something similar. Search results will include pages and groups as well as individual users. Once you have the results, it is up to you to go through the many profiles and determine who interests you along with who doesn’t. 


Yes! You have your list. Now it is time to take a closer look. This step is important because let’s face it, everyone is on Facebook and not everyone’s motives are good. There are fake profiles, scams and more. Look at each profile that you took note of and pay attention to the following:
• Number of friends
Fake and scam profiles usually have few friends. Be wary of those with less than 50. 
• Personal information
Very few fill out all the personal information in their profile but most will give you something to work with. Read that info to get a better idea of who she is. 
• Pictures
Look through all her pictures to 1. Determine if she is a real person and 2. Get a clear idea of what she looks like. Let’s face it, physical appearance plays a key role in finding romance. The series of pictures on personal pages will give a clear view of who you will be reaching out to soon. 
• Posts
Look though pages to determine active and inactive users. You only want to contact women who are active and post status updates regularly. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time. 


Now that your list is sorted, it is time to get in touch with these women. Begin by sending friend requests and then follow that request with a kind message. In the brief message, express that you would like to be friends. It is as simple as that.
After the women accept your request, assuming they do, start chatting on a regular basis to familiarize yourselves. Most Russian women are more than open to making an international friend. Instead of immediately making interactions about romance, keep topics light and fun. Talk about hobbies, interests, share a little about your day, etc. The point of this is both getting to know her and leading up to asking for her number. 


Once you have her number, feel free to reveal your romantic intentions. She probably has gotten the hint already so don’t be too nervous. Just state that you would like to explore a possible romance with her and go from there. Afterwards, romance her and see where the connection leads. 
Best of luck!
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